Dyal Water Treatment Plant

Aluminum Roof Structures for
Groundwater Filter Coverings
Christmas, Florida


C & D Construction was tasked to design-build a 15,000 square-foot aluminum screen enclosure over the City of Cocoa’s water filter basins.  To comply with EPA requirements, all final stages of open-filtration systems were required to be covered, enclosed, or treated with chlorine to kill any remaining bacteria prior to the water leaving the plant.  In order to complete these requirements, C & D design-built both a chlorine contact chamber to mix the water with chlorine and we covered the final ponds with an enclosure.

The chlorine contact chamber measures 75’ long x 25’ wide x 22’ deep.  It was cast-in-place and was designed with a series of baffles that help mix the water as the chlorine is added.  This structure holds several hundred thousand gallons of water, and could not leak.  We were able to accomplish this task through the Quality-Control Process of Construction;  dewatering with the use of a 60” water plug controlled the water supply to the public while keeping the plant operating at all times.  The filter chambers were designed and built utilizing a custom covered sandwich panel system that spanned over eight 30’ x 40’ basins.

While construction was in progress, a change order was issued to de-scale the plant, which involved hand-scraping several hundred cubic yards of calcium carbonate from the interior of the tanks