Manatee Cove Repair

Docks D, E & F
Satellite Beach, Florida


The project we completed for the Department of the Air Force in 2014 was for the reconstruction of the Marina docks at Patrick Air Force Base.  Three independent dock systems, measuring over 1400 lineal-feet were demolished and reconstructed with new material.  Over seven hundred marine piles were jetted and driven using leads and a 2500-lb. Drop-hammer, to a load-bearing oif 10-ton capacity.  All hardware was 319 stainless steel, new electrical service was provided to increase capacity to all docks, new cleats, power pedestals and dock boxes were installed, along with water lines and cable television lines.

Dredging was accomplished under Dock F to facilitate a deeper draft.  Three hundred cubic-yards of dredge material was transferred up-land, and disposed of on site, necessitating parking adjustments while this work progressed.  Crane use was limited in various areas due to clearance requirements and being in the approach path of an active airfield.